Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ruby Red

As I sit on a beach chair inside a home and watch Lake Michigan pound against the sand, I took out my 8 year old daughter’s notebook that I had her write about bullying in. As I sit at this Open House on this cold and blustery spring day, I decided to type up her words, take pictures of them to prepare for her very own blog posts.

We talk about Bullying frequently and she has often told me that she is proud of what I am doing. When we first started ABC, I gave her the notebook and asked her to write in it with the intent of sharing it on our page. Now that we have a blog, I will be sharing her words with you via this.

I have just finished typing them out and taking the pictures and I feel on the verge of crying. Now some of you who know me, may exclaim, “Well what’s new with that?” I admit to being a cry-er, but I was not always like that.

Having kids changed my life, changed my whole world. While the bullycides of too many youth were the inspiration behind ABC, if I was not a mother, I don’t think it would have affected me as much as it does.

When I think of the mothers and fathers that will never again get to hug their child because they were ruthlessly tormented by bullies, it honestly breaks my heart. And it also inspires me to make a difference.

I am honored that my 8 year old takes the time to write about bullying. I am happy to introduce you to her and her writings through our blog. Maybe one day she will be doing what I am, striving to make a difference.

For my protective motherly instincts, we will call her Ruby Red in all of her blog posts. She recently had me dye her hair a color as bright and unique as she is, and we came up with this nickname yesterday.

I will be posting her first blog post tomorrow morning, so make sure to come back, read her first blog post and subscribe to our blog!

Together We Can Make a Difference.


  1. My daughter was one of the kids who made it back from the edge. She has a rough story and I am grateful for others who help like you do. She also has a blog . I look forward to reading.

  2. Chrissy - I actually follow Lizz's blog. I can't remember how I found it, but her video in response to Allye Pollack's was incredibly moving! I will share Lizz's blog on the ABC page! Thank you for your support and reading our blog posts!

  3. Beautiful Blog Cari! I can't wait to read Ruby Red's story in the morning! I love the picture and the idea of RR keeping her thoughts in a journal blog. You are an awesome woman, awesome advocate and a super awesome MOM!

  4. Write On, Cari & Ruby Red!!! The world needs more people like you!!!