Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Power of Silence

The other day I was looking through some articles and one simple line really caught my attention and has kept it.

“Silence is Consent.”

Three very powerful words, aren’t they?

It’s been swirling through my brain for days.

I had to share, but I sit here wondering what else I can say, but really that just says it all, right?

Sometimes it's the things we don't say that speak loudest of all.

Teach your kids to respectfully speak up, and practice it in your life.

Let's all make an effort to speak up against injustices.
To Keep the Conversation Going.
To Not Quietly Accept something that is unacceptable.
To Talk to your kids about Bullying, Acceptance, Tolerance and Kindness.

What would happen then if everyone made that effort?

By speaking up, we can and we will make a difference!

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