Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The ABC’s of Aunt T~

I guess before I continue to blog it would be polite to introduce myself. I am a fantastic "29" year old woman who loves ALL of the children in my life, many of whom call me "Aunt T~". I live in Northwest Indiana on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. I was born here, raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and returned here about 16 years ago. Its home.


I am a very giving person, I L-O-V-E to help make things better! Many who know me would say I am very giving of my opinions as well =) Please do not let this be confused with being judgmental - THAT I try very hard NOT to be! Everyone tells me to "write a book of AuntTisms" or "write a blog". So here I am!


I live with three male two legged pets ages 43, 14 & 11. We have many furry and feathered pets including a rabbit, eight Muscovy Ducks, ten chickens, four dogs and 75 head of beef cattle roam around our property. I love all of my pets, especially the first three!


I hope to bring kind words and thought provoking, insightful, funny post from my world to yours. I will not stick to a theme, but I will attempt to keep it on track. If you ever have a question for me or something you would like me to write about, feel free to let me know! One thing I can assure you, I will never blow sunshine up your keester! So if something I write offends you, keep reading! My blogs will be like Northwest Indiana's weather… if ya don't like it wait five minutes. Ha!


I will leave you with my favorite live tips:


You MAY use your brain and lips congruently – it will NOT cause bodily damage…


You have ONE mouth and TWO ears, use in proportion…


"Ignorance is learned. Teach acceptance."


With Love,

Aunt T~

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