Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Sorry by Ruby Red

On April 28, 2011, I saw a boy get hurt. I felt really bad for him. If it was me, I would say “STOP.” The boy got punched in the stomach and the jaw and scratched on the face. The boy was bleeding. He was Not being mean. He is very nice. I don’t know why the boy who hurt him did that.

The teacher wrote the bully up and sent him to EAP. I think the teacher should have suspended him. I didn’t speak up because I was scared. Now I know to speak up.

When I got told mean stuff I told my principal and she said, “Not now, I’m busy.” She is the principal and she should listen to me.

What I've learned:


  1. Wow, Ruby. this is awesome stuff. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. ruby, you are a very nice person. most of us, even adults, do not speak up the first time we see something awful. but we learn that not speaking up feels bad so we learn to do it. that boy, or anyone, will be glad for your advice and action the next time.

    much love to you, and remember that YOU are not alone either. we have your back when you speak up!