Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Hear You Series #1 - Bully NO More

When my daughter was 5 yrs old she was relentlessly pursued by a child in her class to the point she did not want to go to school anymore...

I talked to the teacher who said (and I quote), "I know!! Isn't it cute? He LOVES her."

After I picked my jaw off the floor, I stated that this was NOT in any shape or form "cute" and it HAD to STOP! 

I was getting nowhere, so I took my daughter to the principal's office and said, “I give her permission to beat the snot out of ANYONE who touches her,”  (FYI - she was the most petite little 5 yr old and would NEVER lay a hand on anyone...LOL) “and if you put her in detention I will not only do the detention with her but will also notify EVERY SINGLE RADIO STATION AND THE NEWSPAPER, and inform them this nice little neighborhood school allows and condones bullying and yes...sexual harassment....”

The result?

Guess what!! I got an apology….. But wait?  Why did I get the apology when it was my child that was being bullied?  So then they apologized to HER and IT NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN!!

My daughter is now 26.  She is the most loving, beautiful, active young woman with tons of friends and a fabulous job, but has "that certain something" which attracts bullies. She has a much better understanding of it though and deals with it like a PRO. She is absolutely non-aggressive and now people understand that her gentle and kind nature is never to be confused with weakness!

Parents can be an enormous help to their children by solidly supporting them without being overbearing and BELIEVE your child when she/he complains about kids who aren't "so nice.”

Thank you for allowing me to share my daughter’s story!

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