Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Fun Fair

Last night, ABC was at the Family Fun Fair held at Mullen in Michigan City. We want to Thank Maggie Rempala, Chip Cotman and Deb Pratt as well as all the other fabulous education students, mentors and mentees for having us, welcoming us and taking the pledge to end bullying! We look forward to adding to our pledges at upcoming community events.

Candice Silvas, myself and Tanya Lubeznik taking our pledge:

The Pledge: I Pledge to Not Be a Bully and I Promise to Speak Up if I see someone being bullied!

The Final Tally:

Check out even more pictures on our Facebook Page under Photo Album Family Fun Fair -April 28, 2011!

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy they welcomed ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition to such a wonderfully special event! They all did months of work and we just showed up to party!

    I am SO proud of all the kids last night! Every single one of them took the NO BULLY PLEDGE with a strong voice, made eye contact and said it with conviction! I love seeing young people who are SO amazing... it was a fantastic night!

    Thanks you everyone for having us at your party; especially Deb, Maggie & Chip! Let's do it again soon =)